How long does it take to brand a vehicle?

• After artwork approval we will book the vehicle for a specific date that suits the client and our workshop.

• Most vehicle branding takes one day.

• Vehicle wraps can take up to three days.

• Vinyl removal on vehicles takes up to one full day depending on age of vinyl and volume.

How long does it take to manufacture a sign?

• After artwork approval it takes up to five days to manufacture a signboard.

Can I supply my own artwork?

• Clients are more than welcome to supply their own artwork.

• All artwork should be supplied in ready to use PDF, CorelDraw or AI files.

Can Extreme Signs create my artwork?

• We have three qualified designers with over 20 years of design expereince shared between them.

• We are more than able to create your desired artwork.

I have an old sign, can I re-use it?

• We will asses the condition of the old sign and see if there is any re-usable elements.

• Removing vinyl from a old sign is very labour intensive and we prefer to supply new Chromadek, Abs, Perspex or DiBond.

We have a sign already, can Extreme Signs install it?

• We offer sign installation and removal services to any client.

Is Extreme Signs only based in Nelspruit

• We only have offices in Nelspruit but with a installation fleet we travel to any desired destination.


My sign has damage, can it be repaired?

• We can assess the damage to the signboard and advise with the best possible options.

Can you brand my vehicle at my premisses?

• We have a policy that states vehicle branding must be done at our premises.

• Vehicle branding requires a clean controlled area.

• If there is no other choice then arrangements can be made but this is not preferred at all and Extreme Signs can not guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to fabricate a 3D sign?

• Any fabricated sign can take up to ten(10) working days to manufacture.

• Fabricated signs require a lot of man hours and labour to complete.

My sign is two years old, why is the print fading?

• UV from the sun is any signboards biggest enemy, the UV burns away the pigment in the ink itself.

• Signboards in direct sunlight will fade much faster than signs in shaded areas.

• Any digitally printed sign has a max lifespan of three(3) years outdoors.

• Solid cut out vinyl signs also have a lifespan of three(3) years outdoor.

• Longer lasting vinyl types are available and are specified to last up to seven(7) years.

Can vinyl stick to any surface?

• Vinyl is made to be applied onto smooth flat surfaces.

• There are vinyl types that can conform to non flat rigged surfaces at additional costs as these vinyl types are specialised materials and not always kept in stock.

Why is vehicle wrapping so expensive?

• Vehicle wraps require specialised vinyl that can conform to shapes.

• At Extreme Signs we use 3M Digital cast vinyl with lamination.

• Vehicle wraps require a lot of preparation such as: handle, mirror, wing, badge, bumper and window seal removal to get the vinyl into certain areas.

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